Using Coupon Codes

I have made two online purchases within the last few weeks. Before check out, I always head to to check to see if there are any coupon codes for the items I am purchasing, and both times there were. My first was at Walgreens. The coupon code saved me $1.50 at checkout.

Tonight I needed to make a purchase for someone for the holidays. I went to the specific online store, picked out what I wanted to send, and headed to RetailMeNot. The code was for free shipping, so it knocked $4.95 off of the purchase. See the details below.

[Regular Price Item Subtotal: $19.95]
Item Subtotal: $19.95
Standard Delivery: $4.95
Standard Delivery Savings: -$4.95
Total Delivery and Processing Charges: $0.00
Estimated Tax: $1.55
TOTAL: $21.50

Be sure to check for coupon codes on items you are purchasing online! The savings will add up!


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