3 Thanksgiving Kids Crafts

three thanksgiving kids crafts

Let’s face it. As holidays are concerned, Thanksgiving isn’t the most kid-friendly gathering on the calendar. Yes, it might be sandwiched between two of the most popular holidays of the year – Halloween and Christmas – but Turkey Day can be downright brutal for young ones. All that travelling, all that sitting around waiting to eat, all that listening to adults gab about politics and football? Heck, Thanksgiving can be brutal for some grown-ups too!

Add a side dish of fun to your Thanksgiving menu by rounding up a few simple craft supplies and letting kids whip up a few of the creations below. While you’re putting the finishing touches on those pumpkin pies, they can be hard at work on these treats. It’s a win-win!

  1. Sunflower of Thanks – This one is easy to make (just glue yellow craft paper petals on a paper plate) and the kids will have even more fun with the second part of this craft. Once it’s complete, they can chat with each person who arrives on Turkey Day and ask them to write something they’re thankful for on one of the sunflower petals. (Picture and instructions here)
  1. Paper Plate Pumpkin – Halloween may have a stranglehold on the jack-o-lantern, but the pumpkin is fun at Thanksgiving, too. For this paper plate craft, you’ll need orange tissue paper (or construction paper) and some glue. The best part: Cutting out all those paper squares will keep your little ones busy for a looooong time. (Picture and instructions here)
  1. Handprint Wreath – What do you get when you combine 30 colorful paper handprints and a little glue? A fun and whimsical handprint wreath! Kids will putting this simple door decoration together. Trim your handprint cutting time by folding paper in half or quarters to cut multiple hands at one time. (Picture and instruction here)
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