No-Bake Mini Strawberry Pie Recipe

No-Bake Mini Strawberry Pie Recipes

I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes using strawberries lately! You usually find them around certain holidays such as Memorial Day or Fourth of July. I love strawberries and wanted to create my own quick and easy recipe using strawberries! Strawberry pie just sounds delicious so the recipe I am sharing with you is quick, easy, simple, and delicious. You only need a few ingredients and your No-Bake Mini Strawberry Pies are ready!

I usually don’t like to make large desserts. Why? Because I have little self control when an entire pie is sitting in my house with easy access. I found a way to create mini-pies so that I can control my serving size and limit my portions.

The recipe I’m sharing with you is the No-Bake Mini Strawberry Pie Recipe!

You’ll need:

  • Ready Made No-Bake Mini Graham Cracker Crusts (found in the baking aisle)
  • Vanilla Pudding (I use the Snack Pack Pudding Cups)
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Whipped Cream

That’s it!

Mini Strawberry Pie Recipe

First, spread a thin layer of vanilla pudding on the graham cracker crust. Make sure you cover the sides as well. This will help the strawberries to stick to the bottom.

Mini Strawberry Pie

Slice your strawberries into thin slices. I love using my Strawberry Slicer to slice up my strawberries! It’s quick and easy! (Just be careful–blades are sharp!)

Strawberry Slicer

Strawberry Slicer

Fill your graham cracker crust cup with the sliced strawberries.

Mini Strawberry Pie

Cover the strawberries with whipped cream. Place two slices of strawberries on top. Chill and serve!

Mini Strawberry Pie

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  1. Rosie says

    Love it! I like anything “no bake”!!! Cute strawberry slicer, too. I’d want to have this pie partially frozen. Yum!

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