Shop Wash Aways at Mabel’s Labels!

It’s canning season and Mabel’s Labels has the perfect product for you! Wash Away Labels are dissolvable and perfect for potluck dishes, bottles for daycare, frozen foods, containers of leftovers and of course canning jars! When no longer needed, simply pop in the dishwasher or under running water to rinse off. Organizing your canning jars has never been this easy! Be sure to shop Mabel’s Labels today. Happy Canning!

Mabel’s Labels – New Wash Away Labels!

Exciting news alert! Mabel’s Labels has just launched their new line of Wash Away Labels. These labels are perfect for potluck dishes, bottles for daycare, frozen foods, canning jars, and much more. When the labels are are no longer needed, simply pop in the dishwasher or under running water to rinse off. Best of all, these labels disappear completely, leaving no sticky residue. Happy Labeling!

Mabel’s Labels Household Labels for Organization

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to get organized? Mine was! In fact, I’m in the middle of organizing my office. If so, you’ll be thrilled to find out that Mabel’s Labels has just launched their newly re-designed line of Household Labels! These labels are a must-have to help families get, and stay organized at home. Developed by professional organizers, these labels organize everything from storage bins, food containers and spice jars to craft supplies, electronics cords and trash cans. Be sure to check out all of Mabel’s Labels great new products today! Happy Labeling!

Manage Your Household Accounts with Manilla

What is Manilla? Manilla is a free web based service that helps consumers better manage all of their household accounts, including financial, utilities, subscriptions and travel rewards programs, in one secure place online. Under a single password, Manilla provides customers with an automated, organized view of all of their account information, text and/or email reminders to pay bills and unlimited storage of account documents that Manilla has seamlessly retrieved for the consumer.

Why is Manilla necessary? Most people have more than 20 different household accounts, including three to four credit cards, several travel and hotel rewards accounts, multiple magazine and newspaper subscriptions, plus cable, phone, and other assorted utility bills. In order to stay on top of all this, people have to manage daily incoming paper mail, an array of online usernames and passwords, and websites in order to access important account information and take action. Manilla seamlessly retrieves all your account information – current balances, previous payments, upcoming bills due – and stores it for you in one secure place. Most importantly, you need only one password to view, manage and organize it all. Sign up with Manilla today and give it a try!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Manilla.


A Peek into My Messy Living Room (Before and After Photos!)

I don’t do this often but today was just one of those days. My 4 year old daughter was sick so I kept her home from school. My 10 month old daughter was home with me, too. Anytime you have children home with you, you can expect a little bit of chaos. I had every intention of going to the grocery store today to catch up on grocery shopping but that didn’t happen. I was anxious about the thought of bringing both of the girls with me and trying to get everything I needed to buy. We stayed home instead, creating as many messes memories as we possible could.

I took a step back this afternoon and looked at my living room. What a mess! I am amazed at how quickly things get torn up when the kids are at home so I decided to take some pictures.

So, I invite you to take a look at my mess. It happens. But, the good news is that we picked it up in about 5 minutes by throwing all of the toys in their intended baskets and calling it done!


Messy Living Room


Clean Living Room

Create Personalized Labels with Mabel’s Labels

Have you heard about Mabel’s Labels? Several months ago I actually won a set of Mabel’s Labels during a blog giveaway. I personalized them with my daughter’s name. We continue to use our labels for everything that she takes to school, especially on sippy cups, sandwich boxes, and more! I love that we can throw the items in the dishwasher and the labels do not get destroyed! My daughter loves to see her name on her items, too. Consider these labels for all of your back to school needs!

Bedroom Chaos: From Cluttered to Clean (Before and After Photo)

We just arrived back from a very long trip out of state. It was actually a two month trip for hubby’s training. We arrived back home on Saturday and of course all of our suitcases were piled up in the bedroom. It was quite the task to get everything unpacked and back to it’s “uncluttered” state. I thought it would be fun to show you pictures from before and after. Hopefully I can attack the closet next! What’s with the box? That’s a box ready for Goodwill. Be sure to read about my 2012 goal to give vs. consign this year. I haven’t consigned one item this year! It feels so great to give.