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Cottonelle Coupon – Save $1.50 #LetsTalkBums

Disclosure: This is a sponsored and financially supported by Cottonelle. All opinions are my own.

cottonelle #LetsTalkBums

Let’s talk bums. 

Have you been kind to your bum lately? Our bums are with us until “the end,” so why not take care of them with only the best products out there? If you’ve been following my website for the past 5 years, you know that I love to save money. I try to find the best deals on products and think of ways to cut costs whenever and wherever. I have savings goals that I’d like to meet and I wouldn’t be able to meet my goals without watching what I’m spending.

Let’s talk toilet paper.

When I first started my money saving journey, I thought it would be a good idea to buy the cheapest toilet paper out there. HUGE mistake. I was buying paper thin toilet paper that was not comforting on my bum. I found myself pulling tons of toilet paper off of the roll just to get a decent amount to take care of business down there.

Here’s a tip. Spend extra money for quality toilet paper. It’s totally worth it to invest in toilet paper that will do the job the first time.  My favorite? Cottonelle. Cottonelle toilet paper is strong and effective for a confident clean! My family has trusted Cottonelle for years and it’s our choice for toilet paper. Keep reading to see how you can get a Cottonelle coupon so that you can save big on Cottonelle!

cottonelle #LetsTalkBums

Let’s talk about a little something extra. 

Ladies (and gentlemen, too!) Have you ever wanted just a little extra freshness after taking care of business in the bathroom? Do you want to feel and smell fresh after wiping? Who doesn’t? That’s why I encourage you to try the Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing cloths! I use these cloths on a daily basis. I especially like using them after I workout! I don’t always have time to hop in the shower to rinse off, so these wipes are a great way to feel fresh and clean down there! ;) These flushable cloths are alcohol-free, sewer and septic safe, and are available in a one touch dispensing tub! It blends in well with my bathroom decor!

cottonelle #LetsTalkBums

Let’s talk about how you can save BIG!

Here’s your chance to give Cottonelle a try! See how you can save up to $2 on Cottonelle! Get your money saving coupon now!


cottonelle #LetsTalkBums

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