#Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card for Back-to-School #Giveaway

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card for Back-to-School from The Frugal Free Gal!

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  1. says

    I’d be able to put the gift card toward my crazy expensive textbooks for the Fall semester at my university. I’m earning my Bachelor’s degree on my own which makes me even more proud of my education!

  2. Kelsey says

    I would use it towards my textbooks for my college courses. Prices of these books keep going up, and it’s becoming very difficult for me to get all the supplies I need to be successful in my classes! Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Peggy says

    I’d put it toward some notebooks/pens/pencils/lunch boxes….my kids need everything


  4. Kelly Reynolds says

    I need this for textbooks. My husband and I are both in school. We also have two expensive lil boys so any help with textbooks would be great!

  5. Stephenie says

    I’m receiving financial aid mostly through loans to finish up my last year of graduate school as well as working part-time, my partner is working full time as well until I can graduate and they can return to school to finish up their degree. Definitely could use a $25 gift card that I don’t later have to pay back to purchase a few necessities for the school year so I can focus on using the money I earn to start getting myself out of debt!!!! Every little bit counts!

  6. Dwayne Berry says

    This year I wouldn’t buy anything for back to school because my daughter’s only 3, but I could always put the money towards buying her some clothes.

  7. Monica Young says

    I would buy my kiddos new binders since they aren’t allowed to have backpacks. Thanks for the chance and entry.

  8. Katie Rose says

    We are starting homeschooling so I’d either get a ton of craft supplies (paper, paint, etc.) or perhaps put it towards a microscope.

  9. Amanda Phillips says

    I would put the money towards a new battery for my laptop because if you unplug mine it dies instantly!

  10. Carlyn Burgett says

    I would buy my son more school uniforms or a fun lunchbox. It’s his first year of school, I am so excited for him and want to do everything to make sure he has the best experience. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck all. :)

  11. Heather! says

    I would buy my stepson a pair of winter shoes or boots. We haven’t bought winter footwear yet.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  12. Tamar says

    Honestly, not for back to school stuff! We have a little one who is consuming diapers faster than I consume dinner.

  13. Amber says

    I would be buying extra school supplies for my daughter’s classroom to replace what some children cannot afford to bring.

  14. Christina Sparks says

    I would use it towards a Kindle for my 16 yr old daughter she started going to a community college and can get her books on it :-)

  15. Wayne Lecoy says

    Please Enter Me In Your $25 Amazon Gift Card for Back-to-School Giveaway.
    This Would Be Great To Win.
    In Response To Your Question Of What Would You Buy for Back-to-School
    if you won the $25 Amazon Gift Card?
    I Would Buy Some Pens,Paper And Markers.
    Thanks For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Tamara says

    I would put it towards some new reading material for the kids. We always have a list of things to buy from Amazon!

  17. Amy Seymour says

    I would buy some chapter books for my son, since 15 minutes of reading is required as part of his homework.

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