Wacky Wednesday Coffee Sale: Deals on Keurig K-Cups at Cross Country Cafe

It’s Wednesday! You know what that means! It’s a Wacky Wednesday Coffee Sale! Every Wednesday there’s a totally wacky sale price on a variety of coffees including Keurig Kcups. Shipping is free when you spend $59 or more!

Diedrich Morning Edition Keurig Kcup coffee- $9.99 per box of 24! Go HERE!
Morning Edition Keurig Kcup coffee

A medium roast coffee with subtle vanilla hints, spicy aromas and hearty finish.

Green Mountain Hazelnut Decaf – $11.99 per box of 24! Go HERE!
Green Mountain Hazelnut Decaf K-cup Coffee

Buttery and sweet with the rich flavor of warm roasted nuts.

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