How to Save on Perfume and Cologne

It seems as though true bargain hunters are always thinking ahead, which is no wonder stores are already trying to appeal to our Valentine’s Day needs! Chocolates, candles, flowers, it seems store fronts are chock full of these novelties, hoping to catch the early birds looking to score a deal. This year shop smart. There are many ways to not only save money on the sweet scents you buy, but to make them last longer too. Use these simple tricks to snag your sweetheart a bottle of his or her favorite scent for less and get the most smell goods for your buck!

1. Online Shopping Can be an Oasis

A prime way to find some of the best perfume prices is to search online. Search through review sites and online retailers to compare prices and find the best deals! Some sites offer top name brands at wholesale prices allowing you to really cash in on your savings. Sites I have used in the past are Amazon, The Body Shop, Walmart, Walgreens and other retailers. Don’t forget to search for coupon codes for any site you are shopping at to maximize your savings!

2. Be Picky About Retail Outlets

There are a number of retail outlets such as Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx that are carry a great selection of cologne products marked way below retail! These bottles are still beautifully gift boxed and come with shower gels and lotions as well. Perfect for gift giving! There are also discount perfume stores that reside in outlet shopping centers. These are worth checking out as they often carry lightly scratched or dented boxes for a fraction of the retail cost!

3. Watch out for Department Store Freebies

I do not think a department store is the best place to find cologne for sale, BUT department stores DO often run promotions that allow you to get a special free gift with your purchase. Depending on the gift this may make the purchase worth it. Fragrance companies usually beef up these promos around Valentine’s Day, so why not swing in and see what the offerings are? I have seen duffle bags, ties, even cuff links offered with a purchase. Some may even offer free gift wrap!

4. Take Care After the Sale

There are several measures you can take once the cologne has been opened to help preserve it longer. Even though cologne bottles look pretty (and are convenient) when placed on top of a dresser or counter, the sunlight that gets through the glass can weaken them. Keep cologne bottles in a dark place like a drawer instead. This storage spot should also be room temp or slightly cooler, as heat and humidity can also cause the cologne to lose its scent. Remind your recipient that pulse points are key! Applying cologne to clothing is wasteful because it will not refresh itself throughout the day. Cologne should go on pulse points such as the underneath of the wrists and under the jaw. It will last much longer this way and he will require less.

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Like any great bargain hunter, be willing to shop around a bit and you may be surprised at what you find! With the money you save you can also treat your sweetheart to that pink and purple polka dot teddy bear he had his eye on, or at least to a box of his or her favorite candy!

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