Best Places to Find Online Printable Coupons

online printable coupons

I often get asked the question, “Where are the best places to find online printable coupons?” I search for online printable coupons often and I trust the sites listed below. I’ve been using these coupon sites for a few years now and these are my “go-to” places. If you are looking for the best online printable coupons, I recommend the following coupon sites below.

Save Money on Ink: When printing coupons, make sure your printer settings are at “Black and White” and print using the “Quick Print” setting. This will save you ink. Ink can be expensive, so you want to make sure you aren’t wasting ink on coupon prints, which could be “costing” you money. Print ONLY the coupons you know you will need and use to save the most money. You can also purchase refill ink. It’s less expensive than regular ink.


2. Redplum

3. SmartSource

MORE Coupons!!!

4. Amazon Coupons – That’s right! Amazon has several coupons that you can clip online before you check out! You can find coupons for beauty supplies, baby items, household supplies, outdoor gear and clothing, electronics, personal care appliances, industrial & scientific, kitchen, and Prime Pantry Coupons.

5. Target In-Store Printable Coupons

6. Ibotta – With this FREE app, You can find great rebates on your favorite products such as milk, yogurt, and lots more and redeem the rebates for REAL cash! I have this app installed on my smartphone and I use it on every shopping trip!

Browse through each of these online printable coupon websites and other money saving tools to find great money saving coupons!

Why should you search for printable coupons?

  • Finding printable coupons to match your grocery list will help you save money
  • You can print from home and don’t need to worry about newspaper subscriptions
  • Printable coupons are FREE to print
  • It’s easy and convenient when you know where to look

Where do you find coupons online? Let me know below! 

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  1. says

    Great list. I get a lot of coupons for dining by signing up for their clubs. They would usually send a buy one get one free or 50% lunch or dinner coupon every few weeks. They really can help if you like to eat out.

  2. Cheryl S. says

    I use and Target alot. I never thought about setting my printer to black & white. I will have to do that from here on out. I go through way too much ink sometimes.

  3. Sherry Compton says

    Always using Target coupons. Love the deals you can get with them.
    Also use a lot. Using different zip codes will sometimes get you a few different coupons.

  4. Joyce Medina says

    Thanks for the links to coupons! I do use the most and coupon database if I’m looking for particular coupons.

  5. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I use several of these sites but recently I started printing them off of Swagbucks because you can earn “bucks” for redeeming them so that’s more money!

  6. Susan Harp says

    Thanks for all the great tips!! I probably use more than any other site, but have found some great coupons elsewhere too. The advice about using only black & white was good, I had not really thought about that before (although my printer is only black and white, so I didn’t have a choice). Only occasionally do I have problems using printables at the store, and it’s typically for the higher-value coupons. It’s definitely the way to go, since I can print only the coupons that I intend to use.

  7. Cassie Jones says

    I like and These sites are my favourite and i’ve already saved a lot thanks to them. So i can recommend them to you too ..

  8. Lesa says

    Thanks for the summary all on one page. I get coupons from misc. places, nice to see them all one one site. Thanks for the tips too.

  9. Dorothy Boucher says

    wow great sites, i wish i could afford to buy a new printer my other one is still sitting here broken, i keep looking at it like work for me please but it doesn’t listen.. i am hoping soon to be able to buy a new one, so i can start using these sites again.. thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  10. Stephanie M says

    I use all these sites and with Target Cartwheel it adds on with even more savings. The other one that I really like to save money and its not coupons is Checkout51!

  11. Jennifer Hiles says

    I often to go but I’ve found if I stop at Swagbucks first, I can earn swag bucks for redeeming the coupons!

  12. Michelle Salais says

    I’ve been wanting to get into using coupons but, I always have a problem with printing them up.

  13. Joy says

    thanks for all the great idea’s. Our public library now has a coupon cart with free coupons and inserts. It really helps me save and be able to stack coupons.

  14. Marcie says

    thanks for sharing, as soon as I get a new printer, I can take advantage of this. Im super excited to start couponing.

  15. Sheila Owen says

    I am glad you blogged about this, I didn’t know about the smartsource printable coupons. Also the black and white printing tip is great. Thanks

  16. Tena Osborne says

    Thanks for the information. I am fairly new to couponing. I am hoping to make a decent dent in my costs. Thanks again , Tena

  17. Angela Higdon says

    Thank you! I love coupons, and sometimes you can great amazing deals with the printed ones you cant get anywhere else!

  18. DESIREE H says

    Yes, I use all 4 of those. I like how the Target app will allow you to combine coupons on top of the digital coupons!
    Great thank you!

  19. allyson tice says

    YES! Thank you for putting this all in ONE place! I always am searching for the sites that have the best coupons and never seem to find where i was printing them from!so much time! i will have to find that ‘quick print” setting on my printer! i go through a TON of ink!

  20. Tiffany Schmidt says

    I use these four as well. I also look up brand sites I know I specifically am going to shop for. P&G usually has some coupons on their site or their Facebook page. Also, Swagbucks is easy to print from as well and you earn bucks for doing so!

  21. Amanda Vallejo says

    I always want to get in to couponing but I can’t afford a printer yet! So eventually, this post is going to be very helpful, thanks.

  22. ashley cossette says

    I like the best, I often have trouble with smart source. I’m always amazed at how many different coupons there are online. so nice to have them all!

  23. Gale McCarron says

    I am registered to a couple of these places listed, and will have to check out the others. Thank you for the information! Every penny counts :)

  24. angelia medlin says

    I love online coupons that allow you to print out. Its a great way to save big money. The only issue I have found is struggling with certain stores to accept those coupons. Thanks for sharing the options of places to find the online coupons. Everyone should love saving money!

  25. Lindsey Baldwin says

    I often find couponing difficult because many of the coupons offered are for lots of packaged goods. We get almost all of our toiletries from Costco, and the bulk of our food is fresh produce. Any suggestions for saving money here?

  26. Lindsey Baldwin says

    I’ve tried couponing before but the bulk of my grocery bill is from fresh produce. We buy most of our toiletries from Costco and make the rest ourselves. I’ll look into some of these suggestions though!

  27. Jessica Medina says

    Thanks for these! When I really like a coupon, I will email them and let them know. Many times they will send high value or free item coupons as a thank you.

    • Rebekah says

      I tried that once, emailed a bunch of companies and only blue bunny sent me coupons, all the others said they coudnt send me any due to it not being fair lol I was nice when asking too but maybe they changed the rules lol

  28. Jaelynn Branch says

    I need to take advantage of online coupons. I don’t get the newspaper, so I guess I always figured that I couldn’t join in on the couponing craze, but I’m glad to see that I can! I will have to get started!

  29. Vanessa says

    Thank you for the great information! I just became a Stay at Home mom and will be printing lots of coupons!

  30. Jan Lee says

    I use all of these and find that if I use the manufacturer’s coupons, plus the Target coupons, plus Cartwheel at Target, then use my Red Card to buy at Target, I get a pretty big discount on groceries :)

  31. says

    I’m thankful to see this list of printable coupon resources. My neighbor uses these regularly and I’ll be happy to share these additional sites with him today.

  32. Tabitha Johnson says

    I am just now starting to coupon and learning soooo many things, I’m so glad I found your blog! Also I haven’t heard of any of those sites except for target but I didn’t even know target had coupons online. So thank you very very much for sharing!

  33. Sherry Compton says

    Online coupons are great! We look weekly before shopping. My daughter goes through these and loves how you can put a Target together with a manufacturer’s.

  34. jennifer aikens says

    I use target coupons a lot. Best to always print what you think you could use though cause they are gone quick!

  35. Lori Williams says

    Thank you very much for this helpful information. I am now going to change my printer settings to Black and White because I have been printing in color thinking that the stores wouldn’t take them otherwise. I also didn’t know about printing using quick print. Again, thank you. I love coupons!

  36. Nicole Becker says

    I use all of these coupon websites!!! Coupons are a life saver for me. It takes time to cut and organize but if you keep up with it and do price matches, you will save so much money!!

  37. Dorothy Boucher says

    great post, wish i had a printer would love to searching these sites you have here.. thanks for share @tisonlyme143

  38. Kaitlinn Pratt says

    Thanks for sharing! I have been reading about how to coupon so I’m happy to find real coupon sites!

  39. lizanie says

    Coupons are a great way to save. I always used coupons from enfamil whenever we buy some formula.Thus is a great read and target always have good coupons.

  40. Megan Kennedy says

    Thanks for the helpful links! I go to target frequently, so the target coupons will probably be the most used :)

  41. says

    I like using for my coupons. Their coupon page actually goes to, but you earn .10 per coupon that you use at the store. Walmart also has coupons on their site.

  42. Heather Heslep Morrissey says

    Thank you for this post. I’ve been looking for links like these! Especially the Target one. Do you need a special program on your computer to be able to print these?

  43. Jess O says

    Thank you for the tips! I usually only go to, so I appreciate the links to sites I might not have found otherwise.

  44. Shannon says

    I use the VONs app. It is the easiest way for me to save both money and time without having to actually clip coupons.

  45. Jessica Parent says

    Thanks for links to good online coupons (soecially the Redplum-I don’t get a newspaper anymore and miss my redplum’s )

  46. says

    What a great list!! I have printed coupons from all of these sources in the past. I really need to start printing them again. is my favorite! :)

  47. Lisa K says

    I’m all about the coupons. I still can’t figure out the buy $300 worth of stuff for $25 yet, but maybe someday. For now I do use coupons on all the products I buy most to save where I can. I always go to and I also load digital coupons to my shoppers rewards cards.

  48. Jennifer K says

    I love she is a local blogger who matches ads with available coupons for stores in our area. I’ve gotten to know her pretty well online and through facebook. Let me tell you, without her, our groceries would be more expensive and it would take me so much longer to put the list together!

  49. wendy c g says

    Thank you, I use, I always forget to buy a paper on Sundays. So being able to print out coupons is very helpful.

  50. says

    Thank You for these coupon sites. I have to use match-ads and coupons because it’s the only way I can feed my family of 9 on $180-200 a week food budget.

  51. Amanda Crawford says

    I have used a few times. I will have to check out the other sites. Most of the time I forget about using coupons, I should try to be better. Our HEB has in store coupons and I love those.

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