Sears and Kmart Rewards Card (Shop Your Way Rewards)

If you are a fan of Sears or Kmart, be sure to sign up for the rewards card. It’s free and you earn points on items that you need or want with the Shop Your Way Rewards Program. I’m a member and I’ve already earned a lot of rewards!

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Online — Earn Points From Home

  • While checking out online, simply enter your Member Number in your shopping cart. Every online purchase earns you points. Bonus Points apply to items marked as such during checkout.
  • Use Points Without Going to the Store
  • During checkout, enter your Member Number on the Billing page and type your PIN. Remember, it’s up to you how many points you want to use for each purchase!

Earning Points is Easy

  • At checkout, flash your Member Number – Get points earned for every purchase.
  • If you forgot your Member Number, simply give the associate your phone number or email address.
Redeeming Points is Easy and Fun!
  • At checkout, have the associate tell you your Points balance. No number handy? Use your phone number or email address.
  • Enter your Member PIN in the register keypad when prompted.
  • Let the associate know how many points you want to use for your purchase. Remember, every 1,000 Points = $1.
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