Toluna – New Test Product – 1000 Available – Vlady’s Childrens Plasters

free bandaids

**Please note, if you keep getting the “finalize registration” message that prevents you from signing up to request products, do a “Toluna” search in your email and verify your new account in your email.

There’s a new possible test product to review at Toluna – Vlady’s Childrens Plasters! To find the test products go up to to ‘rewards’ and then to ‘test products’. Only 1,000 products are available, so don’t delay! If you aren’t a member of Toluna, consider joining now!

Look what’s coming soon:

nail polish

Previously Held Tests:

previous tests

I’m currently a member! I’m also working on earning points for rewards! I have a little ways to go until I’m able to get a gift card, but I’m determined to get one! 😉


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  1. Melissa C says

    I’ve certainly never seen a deodorant that smelled like mango! Actually, I don’t remember very many that smelled fruity at all. For women it always seems to be flowery, and for men it’s musk or spice. I use Old Spice myself but I’d like to give this a try.

  2. Carissa Joslyn says

    This is pretty neat! I’ve never been a product tester yet but it would be nice! I need some new make up, I’ve had the same since I was 14..

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