Money Saving Travel Tip: Create a Snack Basket

Are you going to be traveling soon? Save money by creating a handy snack basket full of your family’s favorite snacks. You can add items such as crackers, granola bars, trail mix, 100 calorie packs, and more! If you have a larger basket or bag, you could even have healthier items like apples or bananas! By creating a snack basket ahead of time, you will save yourself money because you won’t have to stop at overpriced convenient stores for snacks. Keep a cooler as well for drinks and buy drinks ahead of time before traveling. You can add water, small juice boxes, sodas, or small milk containers for the little ones.

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    I actually do this at home.. so my boyfriend and i dont get the urge to go grab fast food.. i have tons of things all neat in a little box near where we game/play on the web/watch tv.. so we can just lean over and grab something.. the only hard part is keeping stuff cold.. my next thing is to get a mini fridge for our gaming area..

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