How to Redeem Kmart and Sears Rewards Points

Shop your way rewards

What is Shop Your Way Rewards?

Shop Your Way Rewards is a free program that rewards you for shopping. Earn points from home and while shopping online!


  • It’s FREE.
  • Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend
  • No minimum amount of Points to redeem. Redeem as many of your Points as you want any time. It’s all up to you

Earn Points From Home

  • While checking out online, simply enter your Member Number in your shopping cart. Every online purchase earns you points. Bonus Points apply to items marked as such during checkout.
  • Use Points Without Going to the Store
  • During checkout, enter your Member Number on the Billing page and type your PIN. Remember, it’s up to you how many points you want to use for each purchase!

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Shop Now at Kmart

In-store Earning & Redeeming

Earning Points is Easy

  • At checkout, flash your Member Number – Voila! Points earned for every purchase.
  • If you forgot your Member Number, simply give the associate your phone number or email address.

Redeeming Points is Even Easier And More Fun!

  • At checkout, have the associate tell you your Points balance. No number handy? Use your phone number or email address.
  • Enter your Member PIN in the register keypad when prompted.
  • Let the associate know how many points you want to use for your purchase. Remember, every 1,000 Points = $1.
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  1. Graciela Perez says

    We made a major purchase at the local K-Mart in Alamogordo, New Mexico in December, however we have not received information on the points that we accumulated. Please inform me of the process..
    Thank you in advance,
    Graciela Garcia-Perez

    • Jack Haaf says

      I guess the best way to do business is to present your card at checkout to get your points, but use a card (such as Discover) to pay for the purchase. That way you can collect value along with the garbage!

    • Isable M. Agostini says

      have points that expire today –was out-of-town and learned of the expiration date today. Is there any person I could call about this matter? I purchase at Sears and K Mart in Puerto Rico

      When I first entered the program I was given a phone number to call and a representative informed me what to do Please help. Thanks mucho

  2. gale soileau says

    Please let me know if I was given credit for a Refrigerator I bought from Sears in New Iberia, La.
    Also, Did I get points for the xmas shopping I did at Kmart in DNovember & December, 2011?

    • says

      Several weeks ago I spent approx. $2600. on new appliances. They kept telling me how my points were adding up with each item purchased. However, I don’t recall signing up for membership into the point system nor did I ever receive an member number. I’d like to access my points and start shopping. How and where do I obtain same?

  3. Margie Rhode says

    i recently purchased glasses thru Sears Optical Department. Can I redeem the purchase amount for poins?

  4. Bruce Peoples says

    What kind of a rewards program is this ? $1.00 for every 1,000 points, what a joke. At this rate it will take you 10 years as an average shopper to collect enough points to receive anything more that a free tube of on sale no name cheap toothpaste.

    Someone at Kmart needs to rething this program and make it worth our while if they want our buisness. After all you can get all the items they off at there competitor, and we all know who that is.

    • GAIL says

      In response to BRUCE PEOPLES……I thought the same thing! I have had a card but don’t shop as much as I used to at Kmart due to losing my job and money being tight. But the fact that you earn 10 points for every DOLLAR you spend and yet have to cash in 1,000 to get a lousy DOLLAR discount on something is hardly worth the time even for someone as broke as I
      am! There has to be a lot better places to spend my money and save as this stupid deal
      thru Kmart is not worth it ! WalMart is a much better store to save some cash!

      • Carolyn says

        Just wanted to find out what my nearly 5000 pts was worth in K-Mart merchandise….LOL!! Apparently, not a lot! Maybe a pair of socks? or maybe just one sock.

      • Yep says

        I have to agree to spend $100 just to get rewarded $1 back on a future purchase is a stupid rewards program…maybe if Kmart used the $$ for the advertising and marketing ploy of this BS program they could lower prices and remain more competitive against Wal-Mart !

      • the dude says

        Yep, why don’t you pull your head out of the clouds and realize that places like your beloved walmart are probably the partial reason why your unemployed. or maybe welfare pays better than your last employer? Wal-mart’s business structure is built around cutting out a decent wage and taking away from the people that have goals. They prefer invalids that can’t think and will follow their lead like sheep. if you don’t believe me go to their auto dept. and ask anyone in a uniform where they got their training and they’ll tell you ” over the internet ” they don’t want to encourage future schooling because you might want a raise so that you can move out of the trailer.

        • ani says

          huh… people thats 1% back. thats what most of the credit/debit card companies off anyways. 1% returns in addition to 2% i get on my credit card puts it to 3%.

          you do the math

        • PATRICIA says


          • Vicki says

            Calm down Patricia! You sound no less harsh and intolerant as the guy you are blasting!
            But it is the price of living in the good old USA, sweetheart. Freedom of speech. People saying things you don’t like comes with the package.

    • jaydin says

      I actually rarely shop at sears but the shopping i have done the points add up really fast i alreay have 36 dollars that i can put towrds any purchase its actually really neat.

      • Hotpinkwitch says

        I buy major purchases like appliances and good quality bedding, after major purchases I have 200.00 to spend from my rewards, pretty cool considering I wouldn’t have gotten anything, today I feel like shopping so I’ll go to Kmart and spend my rewards, lol nice to have.

    • Rich says

      In reply to Bruces comments I would agree except there are some other things going on at K-Mart that adds to their value. First of all you need to have the cashier scan your reward card with every purchase. If your order totals a hundred dollars they will give you a gift card for $5.00, this is in addition to your points. I shop K-mart like a hawk, the door opener specials often have some great values especially if you are not over concerned with brands. For example about every couple of months they have great deals on laundry soap. I also beleive that K-Mart is the dumping ground for Sears overstocks, they have many Sears products that are marked down to move. Once you get a pulse of when they change inventories there are many additional values, we got mens golf and colored Ts for $1.25 and I purchased a 9″ portable DVD player for the car, normal $139.00 I payed $80.00, they had dimmable light bulbs (the new kind) that I bought at Lowes for $16.00 each at K-Mart marked down to $5.00 at the cash register they were $1.00!!!! I got gift cards and points with my purchase. When I cashed out I used my old points and two gift cards to save an additional $18.00!!! The deals can get so overwhelming I feel guilty walking out the door, like I stole something…LOL. Be a hawk, be open to brands, buy the deals, use your rewards cards, spend $100.00 and get your gift card for $5.00!
      I love K-Mart

    • Xera says

      First of all, even a free tube of toothpaste is still free, so what are you complaining about?
      I love K-Mart because things I NEED to purchase, diapers and clothes for a 1 and 3 y/o especially, I get from $1-$3 dollars, which is usually 70% cheaper than Wal-Mart (ew, btw), and they last way longer. I wont get into the amazing program offered where I can buy the kids’ clothes and if a rip or tear occur, or general wear, wears out, I can exchange them, ALL the time!

      Second, I buy this stuff, shampoo, razors, pepto, sometimes popcorn, socks.. etc,… stuff I buy anyway regardless where, so as I’m purchasing these items, I ALSO get rewarded for it, plus K-Mart offers even more amazing deals like getting 5,000 points ($5.00 value) if I spend 25 or more on diapers, which I do, often.

      Third, I’m a parent and a penny pincher. A program that is offering me free money for things I’m already buying, come on.. as stated, even if in the end you’re only getting a free tube of knock-off toothpaste, who cares? It was a free gesture from a company that you are choosing to shop at.

      Finally, I haven’t even been a member for a year yet but I have:
      Rewards Points

      I say thank you K-Mart for offering a program where your store is PAYING ME to shop!

  5. jean holland says

    Don’t lose or ask for a replacement card. My request to have another card to replace original that broke ended up with a new account, new number, unable to use rewards on existing card. Tried four calls to get it straight, went to check out counter with new pin number they used by phone number and pine number, results, invalid. So now what do I do!!!

    Shop Walmart I guess.

        • The Frugal Free Gal says

          Hi everyone. Please remember that I am just a frugal blogger explaining how the rewards work. I am not able to send replacement cards, pin numbers, etc. Please contact Sears or Kmart for this information! Thank you!

      • charlie says

        If you go to their website and pretend to place an order it will ask for your number. There isan option if you “forget” your number….I clicked on that, gave my phone number and they texted me my phone number in less then five minutes. They can also email it to you,

      • Vicki says

        You can also sign into your account online, using the email address you gave them when you signed up. From there you can print out a new card yourself and look up your pin number.

  6. tom wisniewski says

    I would like to know who thought of this program i recently bought a table for my daughter for $200 and a vacuum for my wife for $400 i now have enough reward points to purchase a gal of milk and a loaf of bread.WHOOPIEEEEEEEEE!!!! I WILL NOW LOOK FOR BETTER PRICING ELSEWHERE

    • Trish says

      For all of you who are members: IF KMart or Sears have the best price or are where you normally shop for whatever you happen to need, USE THIS!!! As everyone seems to agree…FREE is FREE!!! for things you’re buying at THAT store anyway.

      My Story: Popped into Sears to look for a garnet necklace advertised for $ 15. Found beautiful chocolate and marcasite jewelry marked down from $ 99 to $ 29. Plus a $ 10 Bonus Reward on each. when checking out the printer gave me additional 20-50% off price and more Bonus Reward coupons. So I saw a beautiful black diamond necklace and earring set marked down at 80% off. That day I spent $ 135 on
      $ 1,200 worth of jewelry and I still have $ 10 Reward to spend.

      Yep, I blew my budget from the $ 15 necklace and hoped-for $ 15 earrings, but WOW! This Christmas I’ll enjoy what’s under my tree!!!

      Just looked at a countertop convection oven I’ve been watching for 6 months. It’s $ 75 off, plus earns 3200 reward points. Plus if I get it now I can use it for Thanksgiving as my extra oven.

      $ 32 is at least one FREE Christmas gift for someone. Plus the register might spit out more discounts and rewards.

      So Whoopee and Yee-haw and all that stuff!!! I’m all about the FREE when combined with the DEALS!

      IF the best price is elsewhere, go there!

    • syl says

      your pin # is on the back of your card. there is a strip at the bottom that you scratch off and it has card # and pin#

  7. Beverly Anne Hines says

    How do I get a pin number, also, I never received my rewards card, I just use the number, was told I have over $5 to use, but need a pin number.

    • nancy says

      All you have to do is go to, look for reward points, click on this at top. It will ask for your member ID number, it says forgot your ID number? Type in your email address and they will send you the ID number and pin number for you to keep and redeem. Don’t worry about the card. Just did it myself.

  8. Charlene Stemke says

    I never received my rewards card and I do have over $10.00 to use. I notified them awhile back and they gave me a new number but never received the card or a pin number. How do I get the pin number?

  9. PATTY HARRIS says

    I have some receipts from Sears & Kmart that don’t have my rewards # on them. Can I add it on line? How? Thanks

    • The Frugal Free Gal says

      You will have to contact Sears or Kmart to resolve this issue. I am simply a frugal blogger giving details about the program! Thanks!

  10. Sasha says

    I’m sorry…but I HAVE to crack up at K-mart’s ENTIRE empire. (if you want to call it that), lol They have this double coupon event a time or two a month, yet NONE of the cashiers ever have a CLUE how to do the coupons. Being an extreme couponer…I end up telling them how to make them all work. Their registers/system they use HAVE to be ones they bought from TG&Y when they closed shop, eighteen billion years ago!! haha. I’m tellin’ ya….K-mart is still in the stone-ages! I’m seriously not sure how they are still open. Their prices are nothing comparable to Wal-mart…which makes their “sale prices” end up being Wal-mart’s everday good ole’ role back price. And then to top it all off…they’re slap in the face reward system is a complete joke. Here ya go K-mart…I’ll buy all my 5 childrens’ Christmas gifts here with you and in return…I’ll take this pack of gum. YEAH!!!…..Really? lol I go ahead and use/abuse them when they have their “Double Coupon Week” and walk out with $100 worth of stuff for $10…but other than that…I can sincerely say I never step foot in the joint. =)

  11. rob says

    S eriously, kmart has got to be holding on by the skin of their teeth. The cashier at the layaway department made it seem like such a great deal to sign up for rewards , that I was all over it! Come to find out its a faT waste of time. Guess I will keep driving the extra quarter mile to wally world where things are cheaper anyway.

  12. donna gainsforth says

    i am upset i lost my card and can’t redeme my points. i was told that all i needed was my phone number but that is only good to spend money at your store not to redeme my points. it makes me want to quit shopping there. when someone offers something they should be able to get to it. they tell me i will lose this as the first of the year.

  13. John says

    WE USE OUR CARD EVERYTIME WE GO TO KMART. No special trips just for points, but when an item comes up that is worth buying from kmart, we do or will. We also get soda there as it is competative with pick n save or piggly wiggly
    Seems like we get 2x points and even 4x points often, We like it and its nice to hear them say you have $9.57 on your card or $6.23 or even $4.10 We use them as they accumulate. Nice when you are feeling ike you have a tight money week and you get your rewards.
    People who cry about getting a free bag of socks or free milk and bread or any kind of money back at the cash register are plan ole stupid and careless with there money. We are not poor or even middle class, but we still spend our money like it is hard to come by.
    Think about it, please

    • James says

      I TOTALLY agree with you! Kmart isn’t that much difference in price with other stores, and yet you get points to use later for free. FREE!!! Heck I went there the other day and bought Christmas gifts and they gave me a $5 gift card just because I shop there. Now $5 isn’t going to let me retire today, but it’s still $5 for doing nothing special! I needed cereal or bread or whatever anyway, so getting a few bucks off here and there is fantastic. I think people complain just to complain. Thank you for being one of the few commenters who actually get it.

    • whitney says

      I agree with you I don’t go to kmart a lot but I spent 500 around the holidays and I have 2d dollars to redeem. It doesn’t seem like a lot to everyone else but its free money for just being a kmart customer shopping. Its a brilliant idea. Layaway is perfect to. Because like myself I can’t spend much at one time and I can put it there and still get the reward points. Thanks kmart

  14. Carmen Rodriguez says

    I lost my rewards card and I need a replace. I’ll appreciate your help because I really thing this is a great program and I want to keep it.
    Thank You

  15. Carmen Rodriguez says

    I lost my rewards card Can I have a replace? I don’t want to be without it because this program is the best.

  16. Jessie Johnson says

    Everytime I try to use my rewards a tacoma wa. store , the cashier tell me I only have 29 or 30 cents.But my rewards points are higher. I think your rewards program stinks.

  17. Mary Simonson says

    I just found out have 11, 793 reward points. WOW…. $11.79. I will run out tomorrow to take care of that!!! Whoopeee!!!!.

  18. Ann says

    I am not super excited about the small amount that you get back either… but lets face it, FREE money is still FREE money…

    Just make sure that you pay attention to the expiration date on those points…

  19. charles farris says

    I tried to use my points on a purchase 8 dec and was told I had 4 accounts but would need to contactthe rewards ofice to have them consolidated under member # 7081 1142 5877 6075 with pin #7917 3897. I attempted the 800 numer but was on hold 5 minutes the first time and 8 minutes the second and never got any response so i just gave up. Can I get any help using thie avenue??

    • The Frugal Free Gal says

      Hi All. Please keep in mind that I am simply a frugal blogger giving information about this program. I cannot help with any problems with cards/pin numbers/balances. I apologize for any confusion. Please contact Sears or Kmart about these issues.

    • Judy says

      The same thing happened to me, but all I did was call and it took a few minutes but when I got off the phone, I had a new number and nearly $50.00 to spend. I now have $10.00 expiriing later this month but nearly $75.00 total. I like it!!!!!!!!

  20. Dan says

    roflmao…..i looked at a reciept and said i had 6400 points and thought WOW !!!!! thats a lot of points maybe i can do something with that…..6 bucks ???????? you have to be kidding….jokes on me i guess..but sure sounded good hahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhhhhaaaaa

  21. Josephine C. Piotrowski says

    I was unable to use my points because I need a Rewards card, had 1 and the cashier said it was an old one. then she asked for a PIN # and I did not know it. I would like to know how I can settle this problem I need the NEW rewards card & pin # please.

  22. Mrs. Coletta Ryan says

    I made a purchase of $9.62 on March 26, 2011 and never got my Reward Points.

    I made a purchase of $32.44 on December 26, 2011 and never got my Reward Points.

    I made a purchase of $13.37 on December 26, 2011 and never got my Reward Points.

    I made a purchase of $59.54 on December 27, 2011 and never got my Reward Points.

    I told these Cashiers my Phone Number each time and they asked me if I was Mrs. Ryan, but I found no points on my receipts when I had time to go over them.

  23. Jackie says

    Oh my gosh i went to kmart tonight and got a receipt that said i had 3500 points and they are going to expire tomorrow i think i will save my gas! Lol what a joke!!! stupid kmart!

  24. Jackie says

    Oh my gosh i went to kmart tonight and got a receipt that said i had 3500 points and they are going to expire tomorrow i think i will save my gas! Lol what a joke!!! stupid kmart!

  25. Georgie says

    We just left KMart with a couple of half-price gift wraps. The cashier told my husband that the points expire today (???) & tried to apply the whoppin’ 1700 points to our $4 purchase. The card was in the car & the register wouldn’t accept our phone number (a landline we’ve had for over 25 yrs). Yay, KMart!

  26. Darlene Heuring says

    I lost my card and am unable to cash in rewards. Please send my pin number to me via email. Thank you.

  27. Robert Graves says

    I can not locate my card. You make it so very hard to redeam the $2 or $3 that I have erened this last year. so why don’t you give it up and send me a new pin number or my old one as far as that goes becouse after I redeam my points I will not use it again.

  28. Marilyn Piercee says

    I totally agree with all these people about this rewards program – a joke. And in addition, since I allowed myself to be signed up for it, I continually get all this spam. I have to delete each one individually which is time-consuming and annoying. This morning I had 19 spam messages to delete. I know the Kmart rewards program is what generated all this spam, because I never got any before signing up and they began immediately. I have asked to be removed “totally” from the program. We will see if they comply.

  29. Sharon says

    Why is it every time you shop at K-Mart and get your receipt it feels like they’ve killed a couple of trees just to print that receipt? Really—-do they HAVE to print off that much junk to you just to give you a receipt of what you purchased? When your complain, they say “well, it’s recycled paper”. What difference does it make! It’s still a BIG WASTE!!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS???!!!

    • Deanna says

      If you provide an email address, you can have receipts emailed to you instead and not get all the paper back.

  30. Tara says

    How horriable lol I have 79,640 points it’s good only for BIG purchases. I use mine alot at Sears so can not say anything about K-mart. As for those of you that do not have a pin just call the cashyourway rewards and they will help.

  31. Ecular J. Bosh says

    On 12/21/11 I made a purchase at KMART STORE 3216 for $400.87. I used my Sears card and the cashier had a problem applying the amount to my Sears Reward card. He said that I could go online to apply the points and I’m having a problem finding the right site to apply. Please help.

  32. Michael Keshishian says

    My wife and bought a 60′ Sharp tv. We upgraded to that size, after being told we;d get 10 times the bonus points from the salesman. With the mattress department being right next to electronics, We decided to also purchase New Mattress, and a carpet cleaner. We then were told by more salespeople that we’d get the same bonus the next day. So we purches ed another Mattress for our son, And the bedding to go with them. In all we spent roughly $4,000.00 . We got a grand total of 43 dollars credited to our rewards. What a shame !!! Being promised 10 times the points on 4.000 dollars. We could of gone to Gardner White. Art Van or ABC Warehouse and received 2 big screen tv’s for how much we spent. Fool us once. I called customer services and they didn’t return or call. I’ve shopped Sears since the 60’s. I won’t anymore. Totally Disgusted. Last week we had to buy a new fridg . Spent 800.00 at ABC Warehouse. I guess Sears doesn’t need our money. How Sad !!!

    • Melissa says

      I have never heard of so many grown adults losing their cards! When you get your card they give you 2 full size cards and 2 keychain cards. Not sure how you lose all that! But anyway, I like Walmart as much as the next person BUT they do not offer double coupons. My Kmart now offers double coupons everyday. I end up getting alot of items for free or next to nothing while racking up points. Kmarts sales are comparable and a good deal on most everything, while Walmart prices are just their prices, no sale. At Easter I cashed in $43 bucks towards my 2 girls Easter presents. How can you argue that? Money is money and almost $50 for holiday shopping isnt bad in my book! If you dont shop in the store you cant complain if you dont rack up points. As far as pulling up your account at the register, if I dont get my card out fast enough they pull my account up with my phone number, no problem. And I have never used a pin number. To Sharon with the issue about killing trees with the long receipts printed on recycled paper, you DO know that you have the option to have your receipt emailed to you INSTEAD of having it printed out on recycled paper, right? To sum this up I have never heard so many people complain about FREE money!!! I shop at Walmart and Kmart and I get plenty of free money from Kmart, but nothing from Walmart!! What do you get from Walmart? Not even a sale!!

  33. blubyoumon says

    i lost my card. they told me i had $200 (22,000 points) that did not transfer.. I am getting jerked around for more than a week with emails between sears and citibank telling me to get it from the other.. any one know how i can recover the lost $200. I think i am done being a sears shopper and also citibank.. Yes. I have that option.

  34. Jason says

    I just saved $50.00 on a $249.99 purchase bring my cost down to $199.99 just by signing up for the Rewards Program. Great Savings if you ask me, Big Deal 10 points for every dollar spent, and 1,000 points equals 1 Dollar. I already cashed in $50.00 for nothing…I think it is a good deal.

  35. They Charge you a reward fee says

    Sears / kmart charges you $25 a year for “Reward Fee” so unless you are really using this high interest rate card a lot you are not getting a reward! i have 2,200 points so that = a whole $2 big wow.

  36. dianna says

    i really don’t understand all the negativity concerning kmart’s rewards card. kmart is a breath of fresh air outside of wally world every so often. i’m not a major coupon user but i do clip when they are on products i know i’ll be buying before the expiration date…well, the way i see it, the rewards at kmart give me the same small savings happy as a manuf. coupon…and they don’t expire! doesn’t any one still appreciate the satisfaction of bending over and picking up a penny any more…. every penny counts!

    • Rebecca says

      The points DO in fact expire. I have 3900, with 900 that expire on June 30th. This is indeed a huge waste of time and is exhausting to my brain to keep track of such a thing, in my opinion. If I have to keep track of an expring $.90, Forget it. I go to Kmart only a few times a year, this just isn’t worth it.

  37. TT says

    After reading some comments that were posted…I had to take a moment to respond.
    At the cash register you can tell them your name and address or email address and they can retreive your number for you.
    Read your receipt…it will tell you how many points you have.
    You can follow the path that this information will give you and get your points cashed in.
    You can go to the website and read the directions….Rewards!

    Stop acting like Kmart is the only place that gives you a lame rewards program. If you think about it there are lots of places that you go to that don’t give you a dam thing.
    If you love Walmart then I want to thank you for helping putting people out of work. You may get cheaper product…but now the famers get a lot less for giving you fresh food.They break their backs just to make a few dollars because you have chosen Walmart. That is when Wamart gets product from the USA.

  38. says

    i cannot found out if someone used my points. it says I only have $3 available. it also says go not activate on my info. I don’t know why. my number is 586-524-1454 I have card numbers and the pin number but I need to speak to someone please. thank you. Pauline licavoli

  39. Amy says

    First, people, how hard is it to understand that this is a blog site and NOT the Sears or KMart solve all of my rewards problems website?

    Secondly, complaining about something free? Seriously? Are you the same people complaining that the welfare work requirement should be waived too or that you should be able to buy cigarettes with your food stamps?

    Lastly, if you like to shop in your fleece sponge bob pajama pants, Walmart is right down the road. Their rewards program is called “wait in line for four hours unless you want to check your own d@mn self out”.

    I never thought searching for how to redeem my 50,000 rewards points would be so entertaining.

  40. raymond says

    how do i get my points put on here from my reciets at home.the cashier didn’t put on from the store.he said the system was down and i could do it from home?

    • JAMES PARDY says

      I was told I have to have a PIN to get my point? When I joined I used 4131 as my PIN and was recently told it is not my PIN. Please advise me before the end of the year as I have almost 4000 points expiring.

  41. Tom says will provide the information you need by:
    1) fogot your account # or pin # then click on the forgot your number or pin, then have it sent to your email address or mobile phone number.
    2) use that information to sign in to the website and you can print a card for yourself with the account number and pin number on it.
    3) I get only a very few emails from them, most of them are the ereceipts for what I buy.
    4) If you log in to you can now pick out some store coupons from Kmart or Sears that give you money back in the form of points–example would be a 5000 point coupon when you spend $20 in the health and beauty department (which incidentally happens to include batteries for some reason)
    Take that extra $5 and spend it on something else.
    5) I started reading all those offers which print at the checkout and use them all the time. I really like the one that says “spend 5.00 in points and get $6.99 in points back” I have had this coupon three times now.
    6) Kmart/Sears gave everyone with a rewards account in the states affected by Hurricane Sandy 5000, 10000, or 15000 points to spend in the stores. Any other retailer out there send out money to spend?
    7) I have 93000 points on my account right now.
    IOS 6 for the I phone has an app called passbook–you can attach your account to display on your phone. There is also an app you can download called ShopYourWay that takes you right to the website where you can shop, add coupons and lots of stuff.
    Hard to get the information on all this unless you look real hard.

  42. ann ludwig says

    i don’t know my pin, can you let me know or tell me how to chose a new one.i wanted to redeem some points but can’t do it without a pin. thanks

  43. Susie says

    First, people here are blowing my mind. Why are you asking for a pin-reset or what your pin is on a blog? Secondly, there is a lot of complaining about the rewards process. It is pretty straight forward that it takes A LOT of reward points to add up to cash that you can spend. But as I look at it, many of the items regularly purchased from sears are big (expensive) household items. I purchased a set of tires for my SUV, and various other items throughout the year. I have a whopping $18 in rewards money. That may not be much, but I needed to buy the tires and the other items anyway, so I earned 18 dollars I wouldn’t have anywhere else. Seems pretty great to me.

    • The Frugal Free Gal says

      Thank you for your comment. I agree, I think the rewards program is better than nothing. I’ve actually used my rewards on several purchases and continue to earn. And yes, I am a blogger, so I can not do pin-resets or give out new pin numbers. :)

  44. Ann says

    From the bottom of all the Sears emails I get, here is the phone number to call for any questions about Shop Your Way Rewards: 1-800-991-8708.

  45. David Brunner says

    Yes I lost my card and pin number how do I receive the bonus points. Can you help me please

  46. Tammy says

    i cant seem to find my pin number to redeem my points.. this rewards thing is more trouble thans its worth.. can some one please help me?

  47. Diane says

    It says that in order to redeem your points you need to key in your PIN. What if you don’t know your PIN?

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