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It’s a new giveaway event and you are invited to enter for a chance to win a William Ultrasonic Humidifier valued at over $200! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to win! Enter on the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post.


What can you win?

William Ultrasonic Humidifier (A.L.L. Review)
ARV $229.99

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A Lucky Ladybug and Mommy’s Favorite Things!

William plays in the highest league of craftsmanship and beauty. a stylish ultrasonic humidifier – equipped with all that is possible in modern engineering. It covers large rooms up to 1,000 square feet.  He is extremely quiet and powerful, but still low in power consumption. Nothing can compare to this black beauty.

When: 1/14-1/28
Who: Open to US residents in the continental 48 states

“Make Our Own Network” solely organized this event. I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are 100% my own and may differ from your own. The Frugal Free Gal is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

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  1. Anika Hughes says

    I appreciate the Ionic Silver Cube b/c its inhibits mold growth. I want to try to keep the air clean for myself and my family.

  2. Joni Caraway says

    I believe this William Ultrasonic humidifier which has a lower power consumption would be helpful to my family and I. I think it will help reduce my asthma attacks.

  3. Marissa M says

    I love how this humidifier covers large spaces, we have had humidifiers in the past but none were powerful enough to cover our large spaces and this would be great!

  4. Desiree Dunbar says

    I’d love this powerful humidifier because we have very high ceilings in our bedrooms and the little humidifier I have doesn’t really do anything.

  5. ANN*H says

    I can use this . My grandson has asthma and I have allergies and this would help with the dry heat from my furnace. This would surely help the whole family. And quiet to – alot are noisy.

  6. says

    I would really love to win this humidifier because my husband and I are having our first baby in March. Our house always seems so dry and we love using a humidifier in our bedroom. It would be great to have a really high quality one for our little girl’s room!

  7. Anita Leibert says

    I would really love to own the William Ultrasonic Humidifier because my home is so dry lately that I find myself having nose bleeds. I also suffer from lung problems and allergies and would love to find some relief. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win a much needed product :)

  8. Anika Hughes says

    This would really help my household. My boyfriend has constant nasal issues and this would benefit him I bet.

  9. Anika Hughes says

    I am excited that the humidifier is quiet. With 2 small children, I appreciate something that is helpful and doesn’t make a lot of noise.

  10. Shelly Smith says

    I would love to have a humidifier. It is so dry in my house. We have gas hot air heat. My skin is so dry and sometimes crack.

  11. Anita Leibert says

    I would love to win a William Ultrasonic Humidifier because I believe it would help tremendously with my sinus problems and would certainly bring some moisture to our dry home. Thank you for this opportunity :)

  12. Anika Hughes says

    I would like this a lot b/c the one I have doesn’t really work good anymore. It gets clogged somehow so this would be very nice to have.

  13. Tara Liebing says

    I would love this because my son’s doctor said he would benefit from having a humidifier on the winter but I can’t afford a nice one like this and the basic ones I have bought in the past never last.

  14. anne harris says

    i have asthma, a big fat hairy cat, and need to keep my airway passages moist while sleeping. isn’t happening now!

  15. Anita Leibert says

    I would love to win the William Ultrasonic Humidifier not only for all the added health benefits, but with it being so quiet, it would not disturb anyone sleeping!

  16. Anna Maloy says

    The winter air is incredibly dry. The William Ultrasonic Humidifier would help add moisture to the air keeping my family happier and healthier!

  17. Anita Leibert says

    Woke up this morning again with my nose so dry. I’d love to have a William Ultrasonic Humidifier to put some moisture in this dry Ohio home!!

  18. Anita Leibert says

    I would love to win this stylish ultrasonic humidifier because it has so many wonderful features, including low power consumption, automatic shut off, it inhibits the growth of mold bacteria and more!
    I’ve tried several humidifiers in the past with little or no benefits noticed. The William Ultrasonic Humidifier sounds like a product that would put all others to shame!!

  19. Anita Leibert says

    I would love to win the William Ultrasonic Humidifier because with my elderly mother in law living with us, she tends to jack the heat up in order to keep warm. It seems our furnace is constantly running and the air is so dry, my nose often turns to crust and I occasionally have nose bleeds. There’s also quite a bit of static in the air and touching most anything causes me to get shocked. Sometimes I boil water on the stove, but that only helps the kitchen area. I NEED some moisture!!!

  20. Anita Leibert says

    Words can not express just how much my home needs this Ultrasonic Humidifier. I find myself waking several times each night with my nose so dry, it feels like scabs have formed. Often, when blowing my nose, I get blood as a result of the extreme dryness. It would be a dream come true if I were to win this contest and I would be so very grateful! Thank you for this chance :)

  21. Anita Leibert says

    The temperature outside these last several days have been single digits and I expect we will see many more days like this before winter ends. Our furnace runs constantly and sleeping has not been easy as a result of breathing such dry air. With my sinus problems and c.o.p.d., I desperately need some moisture in the air. I awoke this morning with my mouth so dry, it felt like I had been eating chalk! I am totally excited at the chance to win a William Ultrasonic Humidifier. :)

  22. Anita Leibert says

    I believe that the William Ultrasonic Humidifier would bring numerous health benefits to myself and family. The added moisture would bring relief to my sinus and breathing problems and I love that it’s stylish and operates quietly!

  23. Gayle says

    With the Ultrasonic Humidifier I could put an end to the static electricity in my office. I had to put a towel on my chair because the fabric has been giving me shocks when I sit down or move around. I’m sure that can’t be too good next to my computer!

  24. Nikki Strong says

    Our pediatrician always tells me that I need to use a humidifier for my baby when she is sick. We don’t have one, so I think this could really come in handy in the baby’s room.

  25. Anita Leibert says

    I am totally excited to have the opportunity to possibly have this awesome product in my home. I have not been able to stop thinking about the William Ultrasonic Humidifier since having read your review! Each day I wake up with an extremely dry nose and mouth, I think to myself, “Where are you William…. I soooo need you right now!” :)

  26. Brooke Adametz says

    I’d love to have this for our first floor, we have a wood burning stove and it makes the house so dry in the winter!

  27. Anita Leibert says

    I am very excited to possibly have the chance to meet William! I would keep him busy if he were to be in my home. With all the added health benefits he would provide, I am certain that everyone living here would be extremely grateful :)

  28. Anita Leibert says

    My previous comments have not only mentioned how dry my home is and how difficult it has been to sleep as a result, but what I did not mention is that my father’s name is William.
    Any girl knows that their father wants nothing more than for them to be healthy and happy. I am certain that the William Ultrasonic Humidifier would do just that!! I would be more than thrilled if I should be so fortunate to have the chance to experience the benefits this product would bring to my home.
    As you may have guessed, WILLIAM will always be welcome in my home :)

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