Giveaway: $400 Cash (Ends 4/12) *Expired*

This giveaway has expired. You can find more great giveaways here!

Welcome to the March Extreme Cash Giveaway! The Frugal Free Gal has teamed up with some of our favorite blogger friends to give our fabulous readers the chance to win $400 cash!

The March Extreme Cash Giveaway will run for four weeks giving you plenty of time to complete any entries you choose to do. Remember, all entries are OPTIONAL. We have lots  of daily entries for you to take advantage of as well, so don’t forget to bookmark this giveaway and come back everyday for more chances to win!

Winner Entry #52345Cynthia R.


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  1. Carolyn says

    I would have plenty of gas in the car so I can go out and shop when I want to. No more staying at home!

  2. caitlin says

    With $400, I would put it towards my tuition for becoming a medical transcriptionist. This is very important to me, as I have not had an opportunity financially or otherwise to go to school yet for any sort of degree, and I’ve been out of high school now for almost five years. It’s time I do something worth-while!

  3. Jessica Schultz says

    I would put it towards getting my Autistic sons help with their speech, literacy and everything else I can.

  4. Erin P says

    I’d love to say I’d do something fun with $400. But I think I’d end up using parts of it for a new pair of glasses, mine are over 5 years old and I don’t have vision insurance so it could totally help out a lot! If there was any left I think I’d have to go browse around Target & see what kind of damage I could do in accessories or make up.

  5. JEAN HOLLAND says

    I have wanted a laptop for so long and would use the $400 towards that. Then I could be in the same room with my husband while he is on his computer.

  6. says

    What would I do with $400?

    I would put half towards getting my car fixed so I can finally find a job since it’s been dead the last 2 years. The other half I would just do stuff for my daughter…clothes, a day at the park, etc…she deserves it.

  7. ronnette gideon says

    use it to help out my daughter get baby stuff for my new granddaughter that was born early and we were not quite prepared

  8. Diana C says

    Pay some bills and get some groceries and a couple of things to wear for work. Not working steady right now.

    Diana C

  9. Gayle S says

    If I won I would buy a new TV! I have had to put off buying a new one for so long, $400 would change that.

  10. Malinda Jackson says

    I would use it to pay off some of our back rent that we owe (and we owe a lot), but it would keep us in our place at least another month.

  11. joye l george says

    buy my sister a pair of prescription sunglasses! poor thing can’t see at all out of one eye so she has awful depth perception and I’d really like her to have something nice to wear while she drives.

  12. Sue Sattler says

    I would use it for either a weekend away with the grandkids to a water park or a weekend away from the grandkids to a quiet, warm place where I could read all weekend. Or maybe both! 😀

  13. Janet Duran says

    Have some fun for once ..have a super fun family & friends bonfire night..make s’mores , cookout on grill..hamburger, hotdogs etc..laugh and make some memories 😉

  14. says

    We have an insanely elaborate envelope system that we use to save for family stuff. It’s a little…um…crazy? Awesome? Something like that. I just realized today that I need to start an envelope for a baby shower for our second (and last—hallelujah!) girl.

  15. Kami Dumis says

    I would buy something really cool for Mother’s and Father’s Day because my parents do so much for me and I would pay bills.

  16. Rachel Mancuso says

    Pay some bills, get some clothes that FIT! A year post-pregnancy & nothing fits right, now that my kid finally has enough clothes it’s time for Mama to get some!

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