Create a Collage with Magazine Cut-Outs

I find myself looking for cute activities for my three year old to work on while she’s home with me. I have a stack of old magazines that I have finished reading and instead of tossing them I decided to cut out the pictures in the magazines and save them for themed collages. We worked on two collages this week. The first collage is a “Spring Collage.” We found pictures that reminded us of Spring and cut them out and she glued them to her construction paper. We also created a “Happy Kids Collage.” We found pictures of kids smiling or having fun and she glued those down. She loves glue at her age, so this is perfect! We also talked about each picture as she glued them down onto her paper.

Create a Collage with Magazine Cut-Outs

Spring Collage Created by toddler with magazine cut outs

“Spring Collage”

Happy Kids Collage created by toddler with magazine cut outs

“Happy Kids Collage”

If you are looking for frugal activities to do with your children, making collages with magazine cut-outs are perfect! Start cutting out pictures from magazines and saving them. You can have your child sort them, too. They can pick out pictures of animals, fruits or vegetables, transportation, and more. Instead of throwing away magazines, save them for activities like this or donate them to a school. Teachers love to have their students make collages!

Are you going to create a collage with magazine cut-outs with your child?

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