How to Request Coupons from Companies

How to Request Coupons from Companies

Is one of your goals to save money this year? If so, here’s a great tip for you!

I have been writing to companies online asking them to send money saving coupons and/or free samples of my favorite products to me in the mail. So far, 6 out of 7 have sent me coupons. I received 4 letters in the mail from companies and 2 emails back with coupons. Only 1 company failed to send coupons. I have written to several other companies as well and plan to continue doing this so that I can save money this year!

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The results:

  • Luna Clif Bars: 2 coupons/Free Luna Bars, 2 coupons/50 cents off
  • Haagan Dazs: 1/$1.00 off coupon, 2/50 cents off coupons
  • Meow Mix: Buy 2 get 1 free wet cat food, $1.00 off dry cat food
  • Lindsay Olives: 1/50 cents off coupon
  • Drano: coupon offer through their newsletter
  • Hain Celestial Group: 3/55 cents off coupons
  • Nabisco 100 Cal Packs: Nothing

Go here to see how many other coupons I scored from companies!

How to write your favorite companies for coupons:

1. Make a list of products you buy on a regular basis.
2. Find the company homepage online.
3. Find the “Contact Us” link on the homepage.
4. Fill out your information. In the comment section, tell them about the product you like and why you like it.
5. In that section, ask them if they could send money saving coupons and/or free samples for you and your friends. Submit.
6. Repeat this process for the other companies.
7. Check your mail box or email in the next few days and weeks to see what the company will send you.
8. Leave a comment here if you have any luck!

Don’t want to wait for coupons? Print coupons now!

Does this take a lot of time?

Not at all! It is easy and well worth the time. Start slowly, writing to about 2-3 a day. Then add more once you get used to it. It can be fun to because you never know what they will send you. Sometimes you will get free items–Luna sent coupons for 2 free bars!

Money Saving Tip:

These coupons usually have a long life and do not expire for a while. Save them in your coupon file and wait until they go on sale to maximize your savings. Pair with a store coupon to maximize even further.

What companies do you plan to write to for money saving coupons?

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  1. PAM says

    I did this with my favorite coffee and pet foods and got great coupons in the mail from each !!!!! I will wait a couple of months and do it again

  2. Evie says

    I havent contacted several companies over the years and told them how much I liked/appreciated their company/products.I never asked them for anything,but a majority of them sent me very nice coupons,many were for freebies or BOGOs.You can also find the company info on the box/package.

  3. Jennifer Comeau says

    I know when I would specifically ask for coupons/samples in the comment section, they would always come back with “No, we don’t send coupons and/or samples because they are available in newspapers or other sources.” But, if I emailed the same companies with strictly how great their products are, they would more likely to send coupons, samples, and recipes.

  4. Kim says

    My family has many food allergies, so we are limited to brands that either never have coupons or it is extremely rare. So I write to them on a regular basis, about every three months. Some companies have policies that they are not allowed to send coupons more than once every six months. This has worked extremely well for our family, since our gluten free, dairy free, and soy free life style is very expensive. Last shopping trip I was able to use $25 in coupons that rarely if ever show up on line or in papers!

  5. Wendy says

    My husband recently contacted Swifter about a 2nd broken product. They are sending him a coupon for a FREE swifter broom! Also, he has contacted Scotch Tape about a roll of tape that didn’t have any sticky side to it. They sent him a bunch of coupons that I quickly snagged up! =) it does work

  6. Beth says

    Emailed the company that makes the Aunt Jemima products and they wrote back stating they are sending coupons in the mail. This was a same day response.

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