Extreme Cash Giveaway: Win $400 Cash!

It’s a new giveaway event!  Welcome to the January Extreme Cash Giveaway!

The Extreme Cash Giveaway runs for a full four weeks so you have plenty of time to complete the entries that you choose to do. Remember, all entries are OPTIONAL. We have a variety of daily entries available as well, so bookmark this giveaway and come back everyday for more chances to win!

This giveaway has expired. You can find more great giveaways here!

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  1. Becky says

    With $400 I’d love to buy myself a treadmill but in reality would probably use it towards the kids college costs.

  2. Jennifer J. says

    As a single mom i could really use this. But i would also share it with my mom, since she also could use it.

  3. Amy MC says

    I would buy some nice clothes for my upcoming student teaching semester, and probably buy some things for my preschool classroom

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