Coupon is NOT a Dirty Word: 7 Coupon Excuses Debunked!


We all know that shows like Extreme Couponing have drawn a fine line between what saving money looks like and being a  hoarder. Right? With such extreme measures people are going to save money, it is no wonder why the word coupon can tend to freak people out. And because of this, they make excuses as to why couponing is not for them. There seems to be a few commonly heard excuses that people give as to why they can’t use coupons. However today, we are going to debunk those excuses. Below, you will find these seven  “I can’t coupon” excuses and see why they don’t ring true at all. Today, these 7 famous coupon excuses get debunked!

Are you one of the the people that is guilty of giving one of these anti-couponing excuses? Take a look! Do any of them sound familiar?

1.) I don’t know where to find them- This is a cinch. Sunday papers are the old school way of clipping coupons. Today in addition to Sunday inserts you can also go to online sites such as and to print right from your computer. Many products now even have coupons stuck right on them in the grocery store or next to the product in a blinkie machine. Coupons are everywhere!

2.) I can’t find coupons for the brands I use- Simple. Go to the product website and Facebook page. Many products run regular promos that will allow you to print high value coupons from home and even free item coupons. No coupons on the FB page or website? Then just send a quick email requesting them. Typically as long as you are polite, they are happy to honor your request!

3.) I don’t have the time– No worries. Do you have 15 minutes a day? Spend 15 minutes a day printing online coupons, snipping newspaper ones, or looking online for match ups and sales you want to take advantage of. In the course of a week, you are looking at 1.5 hours or so on couponing, which can add up o big savings for you.

4.) I feel stupid using them– Ouch. This is a tough one. First ask yourself why you feel this way. Do you think the cashier will despise you? Are you afraid of your coupons being rejected? As long as you are using coupons the way they are intended, you won’t have issues. Your transaction will go smoothly and no one including the cashier or customer behind you will give a care that you are using them!

5.)  I end up buying what I don’t need.-Well why? If you are not going to need the item, don’t tempt yourself by even printing and clipping the coupon in the first place. That is a waste of your time, and if you buy a product you didn’t intend to just because you had a coupon, you are wasting your money.

6.) Coupons are only for food products.-Think coupons are just for food? Nope. often runs coupons for savings off their shoes, clothes, housewares, and more. The coupon can also be used on clearance. Redbox movie rental also runs regular promotions for free movies, just look for the coupon on the back of your store receipts or get on their email list for regular freebie offers. Shopping on Check out their vast selection of online coupons you can use on your diaper, DVD, or clothing purchases as well.

7.) You can’t honestly get free items.- Yes, you honestly can. Did you know Meijer and Kroger both will double your coupon up to .50 cents? For example, a .50 coupon will give you $1 off, a .25 coupon will give you .50 cents off, and so on. This doubling is an ideal way to get items that are on sale for free. Target and Walgreens will let you “stack” your coupons with their store coupons as well.  These savings add up and are the perfect formula for scoring free items.

Well are you convinced yet that couponing is the sensible way to shop? These seven coupon excuses no longer hold true after today, and from now on, should no longer be part of your vocabulary. Be a good friend and spread this knowledge to some of the anti-couponers you know. They will thank you for it!

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